Please keep the topic to writing, or I will not add them on here. Thank you! =^-^=

(And I may edit the grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, by the way.)


Q – Hayden: ‘Hi! I’m making a story about me and my friends going on fun adventures, and one of the parts are my friend, Rebecca (Formally known as Starsong) falls and grabs onto a ledge and my friend Brayden (formally known as Larson) is holding onto her, and then he starts slipping, so I run over, and grabs onto his feet, then I start slipping and our friend Jay (formally known as Artude) comes over and grabs my shoes and now I don’t know what should happen next. (PS: I heard your one of Rebecca’s friends! Hi, cat lover! She speaks very highly of you.)’

A – Maybe have one of your shoes come off, and be dangling by just one foot, and have the person holding you grab your leg and pull you back, and everyone flies over the ledge and land in a pile. (Yes, I am. MEOW! Aww, thanks Becca! Ha ha ha, I’m guessing you wanted to keep that a secret, right? You didn’t want me to know?)


Q- Sophie: ‘Hi, I’m Sophie, I have a friend named Lilly who likes someone and I’m making a story about her and her crush, do you have any tips about fan-fics that involve Real Ships?’

A- Not really, except for a few hints I put in one of my books about me and my crush, but other than that I think just make them smile and blush at each other a lot, or have him rescue her if it is action and adventure. Or switch it around and be a feminist and make her rescue him – Which I would do – or something like that.


Q – From Maria, a Spanish speaker: ‘Hola, J.D. Me preguntaba si podrías decirme cómo creas todas tus ideas para la historia. ¡Uno de mis amigos que, aprendiendo español, me cuenta todo sobre tus historias! Lamentablemente no puedo hablar inglés. Espero que sepas español… ¡Adiós! —– (What it means because I translated it with Google Translate: Hi, J.D. I was wondering if you could tell me how you create all your ideas for the story. One of my friends who, learning Spanish, tells me all about your stories! Unfortunately I can not speak English. I hope you know Spanish… Bye!)’

A – I do know some Spanish, but I had to translate this online. I basically get ideas, or I think really hard. Sometimes I do Warriors fan-fiction or make a knock-off book or story from that with a spin, but it is just for me.  (Spanish version: Sí sé algo de español, pero tuve que traducirlo en línea. Básicamente tengo ideas, o pienso muy duro. A veces hago Fan-fiction de Warriors o hago un libro o cuento de imitación con un trompo, pero es solo para mí.)


Q – Rebecca: ‘How do you make a really interesting fight scene in a script/book/short story? ‘Cause I was really hoping I could make a REALLY cool interesting fight scene like someone could betray their side or something!’

A – Just use details like pain, really loud heartbeats, lots of fighting moves, blood rushing in their ears, a red mist of anger that makes them attack furiously with no mercy, where the main character almost gets beaten or killed with a sword or knife to their neck and then they get rescued or they beat up their attacker, or really cool karate or ninja moves and flips to make the reader go, “Oh, that’s so cool!”


Q – Sophia: ‘Hi! I’m 16 years old, and I was as hoping you could help me about making a good ending that will have people guessing what would happen next and want more! ‘Cause my book is about a girl who lost her parents at a very young age, and her friends helped her through it! One of her friends, she made him her brother, by just saying like “Okay want to be siblings?” “Him: YEAH SURE!”  And they fight together and stuff so… I was wondering if you could tell me how to make a great cliff hanger and make people wanting more! — Sophia! (Ps I love all of the Suggested Series)

A – Well, just find a really good place, like if there are fighting scenes, make it right as the enemy is running at the main character, and then END BOOK! That way they would go, “Okay, what happens? I can’t wait to read the next book/story!”


Q – Anonymous: ‘How did you get ideas to write your books and stories?’

A – Well, when I’m doing things sometimes ideas come to me, or I think hard and then I go, “Ooh! a great idea!”or I just write fan-fictions and make copied of my favorite series with a twist for fan-fictions.


Q – Danielle: ‘I was wondering if you could help me with something. I made a little story and its about this girl that’s eleven and lost her parents at the age of six and a half, but people have asked “Why didn’t she get adopted?” and my reply is “Uh… Cause she wasn’t? I DON’T KNOW!!” so I was hoping you could help me. — Danielle (PS: I LOVE THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB!) ‘

A – I would say that she didn’t get adopted because she was really shy and lonely. Maybe she snapped at people because she was hurt from her parents dying or leaving her, whichever it is. And good luck!


Q – Abby: ‘ Hi! I’m Abby and I’m 10 years old. I was hoping you could help me with my horrible writing skills. I’m making a random game script for my school, so I was hoping you could help me? like with some tips and tricks maybe? Anyways! BYE!”

A – Well, just think about what people would say in real life, and compare it to what you have written, then have someone read it aloud – or do it yourself – and see if you think you would say that. THE BIGGEST WRITING TIP: You are usually better than you think!


Q – Lilly: ‘Hi J.D! I’m Lilly and I was hoping you could show me how I can make a good book that I can publish, but have people not hate it. Like how to get people hooked on the first few pages or something like that.  (BTW I LOVE Warriors and Wings of Fire!)’

A – I say make a cliffhanger in the first few pages, or a short prologue that is exciting and ends in a cliffhanger or something mysterious that makes the reader want to keep reading and find out what happens next!


Q – My friend Becca: ‘How do you make an good script for a YouTube series? Cause I don’t want it to sound childish, and all of my scripts I’ve made are HORRID. Please send help.’

A – Well, I say just keep writing, and use good grammar. Maybe think about what people would say in real life, and compare it to what you have written, then ask a family member or friend to read it aloud, or do it yourself, and see if you think you would say that. And here is a writing tip: You are usually better than you think!